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My Lewisham Homes is a secure area of our website that allows tenants and leaseholders to:

  • See your current rent or service charge balance
  • View your regular charges and a statement of recent transactions
  • Report a non-urgent repair and book an appointment
  • See all the work due, completed and outstanding for your home
  • Book gas service appointments
  • Update your personal and household information
  • Join the conversation on our forum for residents, and vote in regular polls
  • New! Update your tenancy details, apply for a mutual exchange and more. 

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Our residents have said

"You have done a cracking job with this new layout."

“My Lewisham Homes makes life easier for me.”

“It’s good to have everything in one place.”

“It makes life easier, you can do things at your own convenience, everything is in one place and it’s really useful.”

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